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Doing Business With CADX Design

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and would like to process your request quickly and easily. To help us achieve this goal we require the following data:

Purchase Order Information

To execute the shipping process we require a hard copy purchase order faxed to our sales office. All purchase orders must include:

  • Purchase order number.
  • Complete bill-to and ship-to addresses.
  • Purchasing agent's (or buyer's) signature and phone number.
  • Complete description of the product being ordered. Freight terms.
  • FOB Origin (Freight on Board - the product becomes the responsibility of the recipient as soon as it is shipped) (Where payment terms and FOB are not indicated on the PO, Net 30 and FOB Origin will be used. PO's indicating different terms will be treated as non-compliant).
  • Price of each item.
  • Requisitions will only be accepted when clearly noted and signed by the submitting party that it is to be accepted in lieu of a PO. Acceptance is subject to the same contract guarantees governing PO's, specifically that payment will be made by the submitting party on completion of the requisition.

Please call us to validate the reception of all purchase orders sent.

Payment / Delivery Terms

  • Payment: Net 30 days.
  • CADX Delivery Terms to All Clients: FOB (CADX Corporate Headquarters) -- prepay and add
  • Vendor Delivery Terms to CADX: DDP (CADX Corporate Headquarters)
  • All payments shall be in US dollars.

Delivery: 1-21 Business Days after receipt of order, depending on turnaround quoted

Credit Information

  • One (1) general banking reference
  • Three (3) trade references
  • Dunn & Bradstreet number (if available)
  • Sales Tax Disposition

The credit approval process will take up to five business days after which we will extend net 30-day or less terms.
We also accept payment via credit card and accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Other terms are available and may be requested by contacting our sales office.

Legal Terms And Conditions:

Sales terms and conditions
Purchasing terms and conditions
Packaging terms and conditions

Visa Mastercard Amex