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PCB Design With Cadence Specctra

CADX Design is a PCB design service bureau that has years of experience in designing printed circuit boards and schematic capture. We've been using the Specctra autorouter product since its debut as CCT up through the most current version of Cadence Specctra available.

Our designers are experienced in schematic capture, PCB design, capturing component symbols, pattern creation, component creation, library management. The engineering experts at CADX Design are skilled in the conversion of PCB designs, electronic schematics, and netlist formats; we regularly employ these skills to not only convert between differing design formats, but also to reverse engineer PCB designs.

The following images are some examples of some PCB designs and schematics done in PADS PowerPCB designs and PowerLogic. They are shown here to give you a feel for the PADS interface.


Cadence Specctra Autorouter Sample Session


Cadence Specctra Autorouter Sample Session