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PCB Design Consulting and Manufacturing Services

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CADX Design was founded with the premise that requirements for Performance and Manufacturability are present at inception. Our diverse staff offers our clients over 50 years in engineering, design and manufacturing experience. Our prototyping and manufacturing capabilities include the latest in technology equipment and design methodologies in accordance with industry standards. Our diversified business infrastructure offers CADX customers this vast knowledge to meet your most challenging design needs in a cost-effective manner.

CADX Design provides direct consulting services in all levels of electronics and mechanical design. Our flexible services are available at an hourly, per job, or turnkey product basis at your site or our own in-house facilities. We utilize the proper tools and resources to ensure our customers complete projects on a timely and cost effective basis.

PCB Design Layout Electronic Engineering
PCB Fabrication Mechanical Engineering
PCB Assembly Proto Level Manufacturing
Turnkey Design Component Procurement
Schematic Capture Custom Systems
Design Disciplines:
Aerospace, Industrial, Military, Medical
Commercial, Consumer, Residential
CAD Tools:
Printed Circuit Design Schematic Capture
Altium Altium
Mentor Graphics Mentor Graphics
Cadence Cadence

Altium Designer Summer 08 - Version 19

PCAD PCB 2000-2006 PCAD Schematic 2000-2006
PCAD Master Designer 2.0-8.7 PCAD Master Designer 2.0-8.7
Accel EDA 12-15 Accel EDA 12-15
PADS Power PCB 3.5-9.3.1 PADS Power Logic 3.5-9.3.1
PADS Perform Cadence OrCAD Capture 9-16.3
Expedition PCB DxDesigner
Cadence OrCAD Layout eProduct Designer
Cadence CCT Router ViewLogic Schematic Capture
Gerber Editing WorkView Office
CAM350 by Downstream Mechanical Design
CAMtastic, by Altium Autodesk AutoCAD